The Planted Seed Logo
The Planted Seed Logo

The Seeds of The Planted Seed

Each seed is purposed to focus on a specific area of need.
Seeds are planned to be planted in phases, and will be cultivated through generous donations from our community partners and neighbors.

During Phase 1, the Seed we are establishing is PWR (Protecting Women’s Rights). If you would like to request a kit, please click the button below.

Protecting Women’s Rights

The focus of this seed is to create kits containing the products listed below and distribute them to anyone who needs them.

Products include but are not limited to:

-The morning after pill (commonly known as Plan B)


-Pregnancy tests


The Sun Will Shine

The focus of this seed is on providing essentials for daily living.

The details of these essentials are coming soon…

Heal With Me

The focus of this seed will be on mental health.

The details of potential offerings are coming soon…

Education for Advancement of Minorities

This seed will be focused on providing education for the advancement of minorities.

Coming February 17, 2024:

Information Session to Introduce Apprenticeship Programs.

Click here for more details.