The Planted Seed Logo
The Planted Seed Logo

At The Planted Seed, our mission is to provide essential resources to help people feel safe, healthy and empowered. We believe everyone has the right to access these resources regardless of their backgrounds, identities and experiences. We are committed to providing people with the resources and support they need to thrive in their communities.

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The Planted Seed
The Planted Seed
The Planted Seed is officially registered as a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization under EIN 35-2796692. Donations are eligible for tax deductions.

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The Planted Seed

Each Seed is purposed to focus on a specific area of need. Seeds are planned to be planted in phases and will be cultivated through generous donations from our community partners and neighbors.

Protecting Women's Rights

Granting women the resources to decide their own future tomorrow.

The Sun Will Shine

Supporting people to prosper through the provision of vital needs, one step at a time.

Heal with Me

Raising awareness about the significance of prioritizing mental health.

Education for the Advancement of Minorities

Empowering others with the education they need to unlock endless opportunities.